Material type of aluminum alloy

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Compared with the processing method of the die-casting alloy, the equipment used is different. Its raw materials are aluminum ingots (purity about 92%) and alloy materials, which are melted in a furnace and then molded into the die-casting machine. The shape of die-cast aluminum products can be designed like toys, with different shapes and convenient connection in various directions. In addition, it has high hardness and strength, and can be mixed with zinc to form a zinc-aluminum alloy.

Die-casting aluminum forming process points:
1. Die casting molding
2. Rough polishing to remove the remaining material from the mold
3. Fine polishing

On the other hand, the die-cast aluminum production process requires molds to be manufactured, and the molds are very expensive, higher than other molds such as injection molds. At the same time, mold maintenance is very difficult, and it is difficult to reduce materials to repair when design errors are made.
Disadvantages of die-cast aluminum:
Each time the production and processing quantity should be large, the cost is low. Polishing is more complicated and the production cycle is slow. The cost of products is about 3 to 4 times higher than that of injection molded parts. The screw hole should be larger (diameter 4.5mm) to stabilize the connection force
Applicable scope: table legs, shift table connecting parts, decorative heads, aluminum profile sealing parts, table tops and coffee table top supports, etc., the scope is very wide.